Lauren Taylor  is focused on the  issues that make the biggest difference in the LIVES OF REAL PEOPLE in this community.

She stands for a PEOPLE DRIVEN government that brings our community together to work on bipartisan solutions for the problems that our legislators have failed to address. The imbalance of power in Lansing and the extremely divisive politics practiced there have ruined our chances at getting anything done at all. That changes now.

Lauren’s top priorities are:


    • A bold new approach to Healthcare coverage that works for everyone and puts our tax dollars to work for the people. Regardless of the partisan framing of this issue, this is the number one concern of THE PEOPLE in our district and we are tired of waiting for our country and our state to figure it out. No matter where people stand on the political issues, everyone agrees that injustice of for-profit healthcare and the denial of basic services based on ability to pay inflated rates and pharmaceutical prices is wrong.



    • A renewed commitment to public education with a pro-active approach with proven long-term benefits for our whole society, including universal pre-k and post-secondary community college and skilled trades training so that every person in this district is prepared to contribute as a thriving member of Michigan’s economy.



    • Incentivizing small businesses to hire qualified workers and pay them fair wages that can support families, preparing the way for an influx of 21st century jobs and readying a strong and healthy workforce to meet their full potential in an ever changing jobs market.