Better Jobs. Better Wages.

Michiganders are hardworking people. We’ve seen a thing or two and contributed to the success of this state through our labor over many decades. Despite all of that hard work and experience, many families are living on low wages without the benefits they need to keep up with the cost of living.

The success of Michigan’s economy depends on the strength of its job market and opportunities for working people to succeed. We need to rebuild our workforce and support the entrepreneurial spirit that drives growth and innovation by preparing them with a good education and skills for 21st Century jobs. I will work across the aisle to create incentives for small business owners that allow them to pay a living wage and I will stand up for their bottom line by supporting healthcare policies that relieve them of that burden and ensure that all Michiganders have the care they need regardless of their employment status.

As the middle class shrinks, income inequality has grown to the worst it has been since the Gilded Age. I will stand up for workers and small businesses by:

  • Support for skilled trades programs and apprenticeships.
  • Making college more affordable for students and their families.
  • Securing health care for all Michiganders and relieving small business owners of the burden of those costs.
  • Protecting our freedom to negotiate together for strong paychecks, paid family leave, and substantial benefits
  • Increasing the minimum wage so that all who work hard for a living actually earn enough to live on.