For the benefit and security of all Michiganders and for the success of our economy, it is critical that the government you pay your hard earned taxes to ensures that the basic health needs of the people who live here are covered. I don’t want to raise your taxes. What we need to do is adjust our priorities in the state legislature. Right now, we put the tax burden on the people. We are invested in our society and we deserve more for our money. Building up our health care infrastructure is every bit as important as fixing our roads. As much as we talk about fixing our failing roads, we really need to be talking about how to fix our failing health.

I have a pre-existing condition. You probably do, too; and if you don’t, you will. I spent many years suffering without the care I needed. Now, I will say, the Affordable Care Act was never perfect, but, for millions of people like me and hundreds of people that you know and love, the mandate that pre-existing conditions be covered changed their lives. Before that kind of health care was available to me, I had migraines every day; every single day. They were completely debilitating and they took away my life. I have a lot to offer this world, I do, but, for years, in the prison cell of terrible health, all that I was and all that I had to give was wasted. I bet you can relate. I bet we all know someone like that. We can’t afford to waste the talents and potential of our people, our greatest natural resource.

Protecting the health of our workforce and the bottom line of the small business owners is a top priority for me. As a small business owner myself, I recognize the impact that health care benefits for employees has on jobs and wages. If we want to see our economy and the people that power it succeed, we we need to secure the health of every person who lives here and relieve employers from paying for it.

Anything less than a full commitment to health care for all is just an excuse and saying we can’t afford it is a cop out. It’s time to get real. We’ve lost touch with the fact that government can work for the people.  The fact is, government does work for someone; it’s just not us.


  • Stand up to powerful insurance, hold prescription drug companies accountable and do what it takes to lower the actual costs of care.
  • Ensure we protect the healthcare of people with pre-existing conditions, no matter what happens in Washington D.C.
  • Protect and expand Medicare and Medicaid for our most vulnerable citizens to keep us all moving forward.