Michigan Education Association

I’m humbled to have the support of the hardworking teachers of Michigan. Our schools need more resources and I’m proud to join the MEA in fighting for this cause.


American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

We are proud to work together with AFL-CIO on our shared mission of good jobs, decent paychecks, safe standards, and strong Michigan unions.


United Automobile Workers


Michigan’s auto industry has made the state what it is. Together, the UAW and I continue to advocate for better wages, better jobs, and a bright future.


Progressive Women’s Alliance

The PWA and I know that we need to protect and expand women’s rights in Michigan. We need to ensure that women have access to affordable healthcare, the right to control their bodies, and the freedom from discrimination.


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

I will always be an advocate for public unions, and I am proud to join AFSCME in this goal. We will continue our fight together for Michigan’s public employees to ensure we are paying fair wages for our working families.


International Brotherhood of Teamsters

I am proud to be endorsed by the Teamsters because of our shared vision for high paychecks, safe standards, and good jobs for working families all across the state.


American Federation of Teachers

Our children deserve the best schools we can give them. I’m glad to have the endorsement of the AFT, so we can advocate together on behalf of our students, teachers, and schools.


Michigan Association for Justice

I’m honored to be supported by the trial lawyers of the Michigan Association for Justice; together we advocate for injured people, civil justice and a fair legal system for all.


Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

I stand with Michigan carpenters as we fight together to repeal our devastating right-to-work laws, work to restore a prevailing wage, and maintain our strong Michigan unions.


Moms Demand Action

I strongly support common-sense gun reform to protect our children and communities and I am proud to be a designated Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate.


National Organization for Women

Women’s rights are human rights, and the National Organization for Women has fought for that cause for over fifty years. It’s a privilege to be one of their endorsed candidates for 2018.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

I am proud to support Planned Parentood and want to take this opportunity to have an honest conversation about abortion and the services that Planned Parenthood works so hard to provide. I invite  conservative voters who prioritize this issue to call me directly to explore the common ground we share here. The truth is, we all want there to be fewer unnecessary abortions. As a partner with you and your Representative, I am committed to supporting the critical services and resources that women need in order to make their own responsible choices. I am pro-choice because I believe that the best way to help individuals to avoid the ultimate choice to have an abortion is to make sure that every person in our community has access to all of the other choices that come before that very difficult and painful choice that we would like to help them avoid. That means being proactive and supporting women by providing access to affordable birth control and contraceptives – in some cases that means free, providing quality, comprehensive health care to women in marginalized communities who may otherwise go without, ensuring that every person, male and female who is stepping into the next phase of their lives, when reproductive knowledge and awareness of their choices are most critical have the opportunity to be proactive about the potential health and lifestyle consequences of their choices. That means offering sex education and ensuring that young people have a safe place to go and a trusted source of information who can equip them with the  sex education they need. It also means providing shelter and support to women and families in dangerous domestic situations and assisting them in gaining the autonomy they need. More than anything, it means addressing the poverty that all too often imposes abortion on people whose only financial option,  in such situations that are beyond their choosing, who cannot afford to the cost of parenthood or even the health care costs of pregnancy and birth itself, let alone the time and impact of lost work, is to have an abortion. Planned Parenthood is our best ally in achieving these goals. They offer all of these supports that we know actually bring down the abortion rate. This is the only way to actually affect that change.    I believe we owe it to the women whose lives will be impacted by the policies, affects of income inequality, and the structure of our society that stacks the cards against so many women, when they do get to the end of their rope and find themselves in this impossible situation to make sure that the choice we have imposed on them is safe and legal.
This is straight talk that you are probably not getting from politicians and propaganda machines. We are on the same side. We want to help men as well women to avoid unplanned pregnancies and support them in making the best choice to end dangerous pregnancies that could cost devastate their lives, their health, and their futures. I do believe that victims of rape and incest should have the right to end the pregnancies that are the result of those assaults. They did not choose for that to happen and they could not have been prepared for potential pregnancy. They deserve our protection and support. All women deserve respect privacy and the right to actually preserve their own reproductive health.
Too many women go without the health care they need. We need to make sure that quality, affordable healthcare is available to each and every woman in Michigan regardless of income level, racial background and place of residence.
Planned Parenthood provides all of these much-needed services. I’m proud to support them and the important work that they do and honored to have their support.
If you have any questions on my positions regarding Planned Parenthood, abortion, and resources for women, children, and families at all stages of life, I am available to you and open to discussing every aspect of these critical issues. I refuse to be divided and I will not contribute to the divisive framing of this issue.


Michigan Federation of College Democrats

The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is an excellent group of young people passionate about Michigan and positive political change. It’s a privilege to be one of their supported candidates this year.


Progressive Women’s Caucus

The Progressive Women’s Caucus is a fantastic group of female Michigan legislators advocating for women’s issues and to expand female representation. I’m happy to be one of their endorsed candidates and I’m already looking forward to joining the Caucus in Lansing.


Kent County Democratic Party

I’m happy to be endorsed by the Kent County Democrats, an excellent group dedicated to positive political change right here in West Michigan.

Debbie Stabenow

United States Senator, Michigan

Dana Nessel

Democratic Candidate for Michigan Attorney General

George Heartwell

Former Mayor, City of Grand Rapids

Winnie Brinks

State Representative, Michigan 76th House District
Democratic Candidate for Michigan 29th Senate District

Cathy Albro

Democratic Candidate for 3rd Michigan Congressional District

Lynn Mason

Former Democratic Candidate, Michigan 86th State House District, 2014 + 2016


Lupe Ramos-Montigny

Member of Michigan State Board of Education